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Through exercise you will get...

Chica en forma

You will increase your muscle strength

Chica feliz

You will feel fuller and happier

clase de baile

You will be much more agile and coordinated

Dolor de espalda

You will get away from muscle pain

Mujer en una oficina

You will trust yourself and be more productive

Chica en forma

Do you tend to be tremendously flexible with yourself and put off training day to infinity (and beyond)?


Is it difficult for you to find the pattern of your routine and to be able to enter a training plan indefinitely?


Are you highly motivated to start training but don't know where to start?


You can choose 2 o 4 sesions per month. This is specially designed start training from the first day, adapting your training to your situation and maintaining the training in the long term.

We will work 1to1, we will conduct 2 or 4 monthly online interviews and we will be in constant contact to keep you well motivated throughout the process.


Day by day you will have more tools and knowledge necessary for it to be an effort with successful results.

Mujeres en ropa deportiva

You want to start training, but you have no idea how to organize yourself, what exercises to choose, and how to perform intensity progressions.


In addition, you go full on your day to day ... how are you going to find a moment to design your training? A moment to take care of you? A few moments just for you?


Let me tell you that being in good hands will help you know how to introduce new healthy habits into your life. In addition, I will organize your workouts day by day and week by week so that you can increase your level without you noticing it.


We will meet at your home or in an outdoor space to carry out the face-to-face sessions. In addition, you will have a schedule to be able to train the rest of the days autonomously, but fully organized.


Because sometimes you just don't have the facilities to train in a gym or the possibility of having the material that they teach you in many online training videos.


Do you want to be able to train from your home with home accesories for your train? Without expending lot of money buying expensive material for which you even have any space at your home.


Would you like to be able to carry out those workouts knowing perfectly how to start and what exercises are convenient for you from the first moment?


Train in a group and feel the benefits from the first session.


You will learn what to do to always keep energy and motivation up.


Your workouts will last indefinitely and you will be so convinced that no obstacle will stand between you and your routine.

Mujeres corriendo al aire libre

Would you like to start running in a safe and motivating way?


Do you think that belonging to a group of women in the same state of shape and with the same objective would make it easier for you to adapt?

You are right.

Do you want me to guide and train you to be successful and be able to maintain it in the long term?

In "Women Run Connection" you will learn to train effectively to improve technique, be more efficient in the race and be able to improve your marks weekly.


But you will also be accompanied at all times by colleagues and by your coach, promoting your perseverance and motivation. And you will know Mallorca running all together, because we will run in differents parts of the north zone of the island.


If you want to start this experience and be unstoppable, join us NOW.

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