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Clase de yoga


Write us to be part of The Ultimate Pregnancy Program 

Train your body so you will avoid pains and dificulties during your pregnancy, like ciatich pain, tired legs...

Mujer embarazada, en, ropa interior

Be ready for all what your body will need during birth: strength, endurance, hormone synthesis, movements adapted to every phase of birth...

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We will offer you every month a workshop from a professional spezialized in a specific area of pregnancy health (training, nutrition, therapist, midwife...).

Clase privada de yoga de maternidad

You will experience all the benefits that yoga can bring to your pregnancy, to your baby and your emotional state.

How & when

We will Start on the first week of October.

3th presentation

Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am Pregnancy training

Wednesdays at 10am Yoga for Mums

Monthly workshop


Completa el formulario para confirmar que podemos ayudarte.

I am Maria Alomar


Personal Trainer specialized in pregnancy, birth and post-natal training.

I want to give you the tools you need to be healthy and happy during your pregnancy and to have the quickest recovery possible.

I want you to feel that you are the boss of your health

and that exercise is your ally to have a fuller and happier life.


Yo soy Marina Sanchis

My name is Marina Sanchis, yoga facilitator and menstrual educator. My purpose is helping you to know yourself better and retrieve your connection with your feminine part, incorporating an integrative health system.
With holistic vision, recognising the being as an integration of our different bodies: physical, emotional, energetical, mental and espiritual. We will use different ways to help you to reconnect with your true essence, like yoga asana practice, fluid movement, breath, meditation... with the specific knowledge of our feminin fisiologi.
I will be happy to walk with you in all your phases with care and love.



Wednesdays 10h



Pregnancy Training

Tuesdays & Fridays

10 am

45 min 


Monthly Workshop

Will be confirmed


3 days per week + 1 monthly workshop

Completa el formulario para confirmar que podemos ayudarte.



Xisca Alomar

Gran descubrimiento, siempre con pereza a la hora de realizar ejercicios y con Maria es toda una motivacion y generadora de endorfinas. Enganchada a sus clases, desde el minito1😉🤩🤸‍♀️


Nadia Nemer

My dear Maria!
A message of gratitude to you and what you do and how you helped me this year. All the trainings, all the giant water bottle lifting, squatting, ball balancing and squeezing the pillow juice… all what you’ve done in the past 9 months for me.. let’s just say without this I wouldn’t have had physical strength and endurance to go through 10 hours of labor, over 2 of which were active pushing to deliver our baby boy. I wouldn’t have been able to survive 48 hours after delivery in the hospital mostly all by myself, walking, lifting the baby, nursing, simply trying to get off the bed..
My stomach gathered back almost right after, all the internal organs are getting back where they belong at a great speed. Out of almost +12kg there’s barely +3kg left now and I feel strong. Tired, exhausted, depleted.. but strong. 
Thank you my dear! 💜


Keiza Fernandes

Training with Maria is pushing yourself to reach your maximum. At the end of each session I feel exhausted but accomplished. Maria is so well versed in her understanding of the body and muscles and joints it makes you feel very safe with her. Oh and most importantly she takes the time to listen to what you are feeling. Completely satisfied with my maternity trainer.



Entrena en Casa ha supuesto volver a hacer ejercicio después de la maternidad. Maria me ha enseñado a planificarme para sacar ese ratito para mí, para no ponerme más excusas y para sentirme activa de nuevo. Además, tener contacto con el grupo me mantiene motivada y Maria siempre está dispuesta para cualquier duda o comentario que quieras hacerle. Súper recomendable💪

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