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Personal Training, Why?

Are you usually tremendously flexible with yourself and  youput your training off day to infinity (and beyond)?


Is it difficult for you to find the pattern of your routine and to be able to enter a training plan indefinitely?


Are you highly motivated to start training but don't know where and how to start?


From the first session with me, you will be able to solve all these problems.

You will have at your disposal a training totally adapted to you, which will allow you to combine your life with an exercise plan focused on achieving that goal that you have been looking for so long.


You will be motivated and learn to maintain a training routine forever in a healthy and safe way.


Are you in?


online o presencial


You can choose

a face-to-face or

online personal training.


Which one suits your current situation bests?

How will the Online Personal Training service work?


  • We will start with 2 initial sessions to get to know each other:

    • I will analyze your schedules, your needs, your desires, objectives, the starting point, your tastes... and much more. Everything you need to make your training as much adapted and personalized as possible.

    • I will evaluate your muscular situation, analyzing possible muscular imbalances to start safely from your bases. Even if it's an evaluation, your muscles are already starting to wake up.

    • In our second appointment we will carry out the first training session elaborated from all the information that your muscles and your words gave me at the first meeting.

    • The day after this session you will have your training plan, so you will have all the tools you need to train autonomously until our next session.

  • And so the game begins! From this moment and after each session (online or face-to-face ) will have a training adapted to your progress, needs and your menstrual cycle.


We will be in contact at all times for any questions that arise, organizational difficulties or to celebrate progress.


It will be a progressive change, respectful and totally adapted to your adaptation rhythm. But if you follow the guidelines that I am going to indicate, in less than 3 months you will feel full of energy and you will already be hooked on a new lifestyle.


There will be no going back. Shall we start?

What will Online Personal Training bring you

You will reach your goals faster, safer and have more fun.


You will feel motivated at all times before training


You will forget to think about when to train and what exercises to do, that is my responsibility.


You will improve your health and fitness.   What for? You will be happier and full of energy.




Activate your Motivation Course


Facebook and Telegram support group (where progress, doubts are shared and we support each other in our difficulties before training).

I am Maria Alomar


Personal Trainer specialized in exercise adapted to women and pregnant women


Do you usually have the feeling that your daily routine could be more active?

You know you can do it but you lack that last little push and the basic tools to maintain that activity?


Start training with me and let me solve all these dilemmas from the first session in an easy, safe and totally adapted to you way.


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Monthly subscriptions

1 per month - € 55

2 per month - 107.7 €

4 per month - € 212

8 per month - € 416

2 sesión en directo

Programación mensual adaptada

Contacto mensual por dudas

2 workshops

 Entrena en Casa Basic


4 sesión en directo

Programación mensual adaptada

Contacto mensual por dudas

2 workshops

 Entrena en Casa Basic


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