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Maria Alomar

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Train in a safely way while you are pregnant 



Throught Fit·Maternity I want to help you to be a healthy, energetyc and full of vitality from the very beggining of your motherhood, since the moment you realize you are pregnant.

You will be sure and safe in every step we will take together.

I will be there for you for your training, for your questions, doubts and fears. And, of course, for every good new and progress.

I hope that my dream helps you to improve your health and that you find in Fit·Maternity this support, that you always have been searching.

Escríbeme para solicitar información y/o empezar a entrenar conmigo 
 Te responderé con una propuesta lo antes posible a través de whatsapp o correo electrónico, por lo que revisa también spam por si a caso. Suelo responder rapidito :)

¡Gracias por tu confianza!

In this e-book you will find the most important points to be aware to train in a healthy and safely way.
Just click at the bottom and you will recive an email after your subscription.
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