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Who am I?

       From the moment I could walk, I no longer had any interest in sitting still.

Sports, running, bike riding, climbing, exploring the natural wonders of Mallorca. My parents could not make me sit still for more than 5 minutes and eventually gave up trying.

At an early age of 16, I landed my dream job. How many people do you know can say that?? I started as a workout instructor for teenagers. I had the chance to get paid to do something which I’m truly passionate about while simultaneously sharing that passion with others.

       While employed as an instructor, I began my studies in the fields of Sports Sciences and Mechanical Movements. This course study afforded me the opportunity to gain professional experience at two of the most renowned and influential fitness studios in Barcelona and Mallorca.

       Since moving to Hamburg in 2014, I have gone through a period of self-growth and understanding. Getting away from my Spanish comfort zone forced me to reflect. I realized that regardless of where I am, who I am with, and whether Hamburg has again “blessed” us with rainfall that my happiness depends on my choices alone.

      During this reflection I realized that I had already found my dream job when I was 16. And another thing…I am really good at it!!       

     Thanks to that, I have created ÉMUE (Escuela Mujer y Ejercicio) & FIT.MATERNITY, where our target is the promotion of sport in a healthy and, most importantly, fun way!

     During this program, I will teach you and other women how to organize your own trainings, how to enjoy yourself while doing it, and how to stay motivated in the long term. To achieve this, I am creating a support group of members just like you. We are all living this crazy life and we all have a reason to be healthy.

     Playing football with your grandkids well into retirement, keeping up with the kids around the house, releasing the stress from a long day in the office, shedding those extra pounds for a summer holiday, impressing your classmates at the next reunion, simply wanting to have fun with a group of like-minded women.

     There are a million and one reasons to be healthy and I say we get there together!


ÉMUE & Fit·Maternity are more than being fit, is starting your training and maternity in a SUCCESSFUL way from the begining.

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