Active and Healthy Holidays

At Fit·Maternity you can also order your perfect holidays! 

Do you have a business and you want to build Teamfeeling by activities in the beautiful environment of Mallorca and organize a diferent Teambuilding for your workers? 

Or... maybe you are some friends who want  active and different holidays and also learn about how to get better results from your daily training? 

Contact me, we will analize together your preferences, the dates and best activitis for all the group. You will only need to arrive to the island and enjoy what I will have organized for all of you. 

I can plan and reserve for you the hotel, activities, gastronomic recommendations and, even, I will be your trip instructor if you want (by bike, by car and walking) or you can also reserve your place in one of our retreats, where you will enjoy of perfect combination of workshops, activities and relax in differents hotels of the island.

It will be a pleasure to make your holidays unforgetable!